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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Meeting Summary June 4, 2013

Hello again everyone,

This evenings meeting was a D-Day theme and it appears to be well received by everyone. I haven’t seen so many great kits in a while.
In attendance tonight were: Mike, Steve F., Steve R., Chris, Gary, Tony, Dave, Andy and myself.

Some of the kits we saw tonight:
Dave: two 35th dios of German troops. One on motorbike with side car, and another walking the dog(s).

Mike: 48th  Spitfire Vb in a diorama. (this one was awarded People’s Choice at our last show if I remember correctly). Nicely done Mike.

Tony: 48th Mustang A

Steve F: 72nd scale Sherman tank on LCM, Sherman Flail tank, DUKW, and 32nd Hawker Typhoon.

Andy: 48th Me 109 and 48th Mustang P-51D

Chris: Jagdpanther

Gary: MG 48, 1941 Ford

Joe 48th Mustang III, 35th Sherman III, and Jagdpanther

Rather than talk about the kits, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. What was most interesting about the evening was the conversations that usually go on. A lot about D-Day, a lot about how all the equipment was used, a lot about modeling/painting/weathering techniques…

All this with a backdrop of D-Day movies playing on the wall. The room we use at the University for our meetings is set up for audio visual with projector/screen and speakers, so I took my laptop and showed Band of Brothers episode 2, and then ran Storming Juno (thanks Steve F for bringing in the DVD). Imagine the listening to the sounds of battle as we pour over equipment used that day that we modeled and talk about how the real thing operated.

Dave had an extra surprise for us that really gave it a special touch. Through contacts from the Canadian War Museum, Dave managed to get a hold of some reproduction documentation and maps associated with the battle to round out the mood. There were German war maps, propaganda leaflets, copies of orders and  flight logs, and other period papers. REALLY special Dave, thank you for that!

Because we are from Canada, and Steve F. has a passion for Canadian modeling content, he again regaled us with facts and trivia from the Canadian participation on D-Day. All his models are representing equipment used by Canadian Units by the way. 

Did you know that Canada had its own beach – Juno – yeah most people do. But did you know that all aspects of Juno were Canadian, and of the 24,000 Canadians participating, it included the Royal Canadian Navy with 110 ships and over 13,000 sailors? Steve represents an RCN landing craft with one of his pieces.
For more quick facts on Canada on D-Day, check this link.

Thank you gentlemen for a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a successful theme night.

See you next month..
Keep Building!
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Pictures from tonight