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We are a group of people who enjoy the hobby of plastic model building. Our members interests range from Aircraft, Automobiles, Ships, Figures, Armour, to Sci Fi. We have all skill levels from beginners to some pretty talented modellers, but we mainly meet to share our work, ideas, tips and techniques, and talk about modelling in general. Click View Profile to view email address - drop us a line!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Holidays!!!

IPMS St. John's NL would like to wish its members, the plastic modelling community, and the public at large a safe and happy holiday season.

Hope you get lots of plastic gifts, and I cant wait to see it at the meeting or here on the page.

Feel free to share with us what you have done.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

December Meeting Summary

The last meeting of the year is usually our Election of officers.
This year the President, Secretary and Treasurer volunteered to stay on and the Vice President  wanted to step down.

Acting on a motion from the floor, the quorum voted unanimously to retain the the willing incumbents, however we deferred the election of the Vice President until January in the hopes we would get some members willing to accept the nomination.

We have a few more kits on the table this month to look at.

Steve F brought in a collection of 1936 era fighters with a "What-If" scenario of what would have been the stage for WWII starting in 1936 in terms of Fighter Aircraft, instead of Spitfires, Hurricanes and ME-109s. I believe the closest one is a Hawker Fury (precursor to the Hurricane) in 48th and 72 scale examples. While the others are the Heinkel He 51, Arado 68, and top right I think is Morane-Saulnier M.S. 225.

Chris brought in two completed works, part of his 9 for the year. A Leopard 1, and his first crack at WWII Russian, an IS-2.

Tony brought in two in-progress aircraft. A 727 airliner and a Russian Bear.

And Lastly, I brought in my completed DeHaviland Mosquito - RCAF 418 Sqn example, the Revell kit. Practice for the Tamiya kit I have.

To view the remaining photos, check out this link to our Facebook page.
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So that brings 2013 to a close, see you in 2014!

In our January meeting we will be discussing the possibility of a model show for Oct 2014. Chances are very good that we will be able to announce that in the next few weeks, to give you lots of time to start a build or two just for the show!

Stay tuned!!

Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Reminder - Meeting Dec 3 2013

Last Monthly meeting for 2013

We will be holding Election of Officers fro 2014.

Tuesday December 3,
Earth Sciences Building,  MUN.
Room 3005C