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We are a group of people who enjoy the hobby of plastic model building. Our members interests range from Aircraft, Automobiles, Ships, Figures, Armour, to Sci Fi. We have all skill levels from beginners to some pretty talented modellers, but we mainly meet to share our work, ideas, tips and techniques, and talk about modelling in general. Click View Profile to view email address - drop us a line!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Meeting Reminder December 2, 2014.....

Hi Folks
Just a reminder that the next club meeting is on Tuesday December 2, 2014. Visitors are welcome!

MUN Earth Sciences Bldg
Room 3005C
Email ipms.sj@gmail.com if you need directions on how to get there.

See you there!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

IPMS St. John's Model Show 2014 Photos - Display Pieces

This link is to the Display pieces at the show.


It is a link to Facebook, You do not need to be a member to view.

IPMS St. Johns Model Show 2014 Photos - Competition Pieces

Here are some photos of the Competition pieces from the show..


It is a link to Facebook, You do not need to be a member to view.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Meeting Summary November 4, 2014

 Large crowd tonight;

Gary, Dave, Tony, Rob, Chris W., Rodney, Tracie, Steve R, Steve F and Joe.

Steve R. has gotten back to building after a hiatus. He has his work bench tuned and is in the mood to build.. First project up.. 35 scale Tamiya Centaur converted to Cromwell in progress.

Steve F – Immediately bringing to mind Bat-21 and Gene “Ham” Hambleton, the B-66 Bomber in 144 and 72 scale. As always Steve is a stickler for accuracy and the 144 scale needed some attention. The Wing angle and the fuselage length needed work and with no surprise, all measurements are in scale (they were not when it was as is and out of the box). The 72 scale was built and completed since the last meeting.

Tony – In remembrance of WWI and the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, Tony brushed off the dust on his Mark IV Male. He also has another one to build.

Dave always produces different and interesting projects. “I’m BATMAN!!” This bike didn’t fit all that well, but you would never say it. The camera didn’t do justice to the eyes, but they are something!

Rodney – Rodney brought in his Pea Pod before, but much more work has been done now. It was a test of his patience, BUT he says he is doing another one. Bravo! (wouldn’t be me!! J )

Next up.. See you at the Show - Sunday Nov 9 at the St. John’s Arts and Culture Center! 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Sunday, 2 November 2014

IPMS St. John's Plastic Model Show and Competition in just 1 week!

IPMS St. John's will be holding a Plastic Model Show and Competition in just one week!

Sunday November 9, 2014
10:00 AM until 2:00 PM
Arts and Culture Center,St. John's, NL

Help spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting Reminder November 2, 2014

Hi Folks

Just a reminder that the next club meeting is on Tuesday November 2, 2014

Visitors are welcome!

MUN Earth Sciences Bldg
Room 3005C
Email ipms.sj@gmail.com if you need directions on how to get there.

Last meeting before the Plastic Model Show on Nov 9.

See you there!

Meeting Summary October 2, 2014

In attendance on this night:

Randy, Rob, Chris J., Steve F, Steve R. Chris W., Gary, Joe

Chris J. brought along his completed Syrian T72. He recently won Silver at the KMK Show in Belgium which he attended, and conducted a weathering seminar, with his colleagues from Abrams Squad. Very nicely done.

Chris W. is an old friend of the club. He returned for a visit tonight, and hopefully we will see a lot more of him. He brought in his work-in-progress 48 scale trainer aircraft. It is known in the USAAF as the T-6 Texan, or in the US Navy/Marine the SNJ, or for Commonwealth enthusiasts, the Harvard. It will be nice to see that one when complete. Chris also showed us a future project, the venerable Monogram C-47.

Steve F. brought in a couple of Cold War single seater jets from the 50’s. The 48 scale F84G Thunderjet fighter, and the 48 scale RF-84F Thunderflash photo recon aircraft.
He also brought in a 72 scale Whitley Mk V with the Merlin 20 engines. For comparison the Spitfire Mk Vb had the newer more powerful Merlin 45. He also had to scratch build the tail turret from detailed reference. I didn't get a good shot of it but the detail was awesome!.

That’s it for this summary. Next meeting is November 2.

And a reminder, just one week until the IPMS St. John’s Plastic Model Show!

Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Meeting Reminder - October 7, 2017

Hi Folks

Just a reminder that the next club meeting is on Tuesday.
Visitors welcome!

MUN Earth Sciences Bldg
Room 3005C
Email ipms.sj@gmail.com if you need directions on how to get there.

One more meeting in November and then there is the Show on Nov 9.
Hope to see as many people as possible on Tuesday.

See you there!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Meeting Summary Sept 2, 2014

The September meeting of IPMS St. John’s was held on September 2, 2014.

In attendance that night was a large crowd… Mike, Joe, Dave, Rob, John (all the way from Carbonear tonight!), Rodney, Tracie, Steve R, Chris and new member Randy!

Mike - ME-109G
Mike has been working on this for a while and it is one of his best efforts to date. Lots of weathering! Come see it at the Show on Nov 9!

 Joe - Revell 48 Scale Hawker Typhoon, Airfix 72 scale meteor, Hasegawa 72 Scale B-17F (Hells Angels)
While I finish my LAV III (It’s been on the bench since January – almost done though) I looked at a few things on the bench to finish, just for a change of pace. That was the Meteor and the Typhoon. However, I got the B-17 from Dave at the Swap Table on Club Day. ALWAYS a fan of the Fort. I hadn’t built one since I was a kid. And I wanted to try out some aircraft weathering techniques.

Rodney – Maine Peapod
Rodney, you have the patience of a saint. To put that together plank by plank is on par with building a photo etch model. I am envious of your patience. Check out and additional shot for even more progress on this one!

Tracie – Figures for the Figure competition!
Tracie has been trolling eBay for some artistic and interpretive examples for the figure competition. I embrace the subjects that Tracie brings to show us, it reminds us of the breadth of the modeling culture, and it is not all planes and tanks and cars and ships. Bravo Tracie!!

John - Saab Viggen 
John has been working on this for a while (how many years John? J ) This was his example of re-scribing a raised panel line model and he coincided this with a tool new to use for scribing.. the plexi-glass cutter. See our other post on Facebook and the website for more details..

See more photos on our Facewbook Album.
No need to join, just click the link!


See you next meeting!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Scribing tool.....

I want to share a tool new that may be new to some of us.
At a recent meeting, John introduced us to the plexiglass cutter. Works just as good or better than any scriber I have seen. Couple this with a straight edge for guidance and good to go. Speaking o...f straight edge, Steve F. showed us to his straight edge of choice back on Club Day; pieces of metal measuring tape. It is very flexible and cut at each end with an angle to get into hard to reach places.

I found my plexiglass cutter at Home Depot - $12.99. I bought a 1 meter tape there too, and cut it with side cutter plyers.

The blue steel parts ( the internal coil) are actually better, very flexible, can go around curves, like a fuselage maybe? 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Remember the figure competition!!!

CLUB MEMBERS ONLY - remember the figure challenge, get that figure started!

Show is 2 months away!

September 12 and we are almost exactly 2 months away from the IPMS St. John's Plastic Model Show and Competition...

So keep building, we want to see what you have at the show!

Colin is still building!

Colin is really productive this year, latest project...

Can't wait to see it done!

he won a silver in last years show.

Tracies suprise

Hmm.. What can this be?

Have a look later form the September meeting summary to find out!

Rodney's Wooden Boat Project

Rodney is experiencing wooden ships.. Tell us Rodney.. is it as fun as it looks?
We got an updated shot coming in the meeting summary later today...
Looking good Rodney! Your patience is to be envied!


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Meeting Reminder September 2, 2014

Hey Folks,
I hope you had a great summer. It stopped about 3 weeks ago. Right when I started my vacation… :)

We are having a SWAP night at this next meeting.
Bring in your excess kits and/or some cash and maybe walk away with something new to you.

Only two months or so til the Show on November 9  at the Arts and Culture Center.
Get building and keep building!

A reminder for those that do not have dues paid yet, please bring your $20 along, we will need the cash for the show.

I managed to finish a few things over the summer, just tidying them up now..
I hope to bring in a couple on Tuesday (September 2)..

MUN Earth Sciences Bldg
Room 3005C

Email ipms.sj@gmail.com if you need directions on how to get there.
Remember to look for us on Facebook and "like" us to get the updated postings there.

Hoping to see as many as possible on Tuesday!!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Just a reminder to Club members -

Our next meeting will be September 2.

Keep having a great summer and keep building!
The Show is coming up in November!!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Recently completed by member Tony..

Tony recently completed a quick build with his Nephew from away..

"The engine is not plumbed we were in a rush to finish and I'm not a car modeller.
My nephew was pleased with our efforts he had a blast.. He picked red and black scheme.
It was his first time using an an airbrush and sanding/polishing he said her learned a lot.
Also it's one of the fastest times I've built a kit. Probably having an assistant/co-modeller helped a lot."

Friday, 11 July 2014

IPMS St. John's Plastic Model Show and Competition 2014

IPMS St. John's will be holding a Plastic Model Show and Competition on November 9, 2014 in St. John's, NL.

If you haven't started building something for the show yet, now is the time to start!

Help spread the word!!!!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Reminder July Meeting

Our next meeting will be July 8, 2014.

New members and visitors welcome.
Bring something along to show.

July 8
MUN Earth Sciences Bldg
Room 3005C

Email ipms.sj@gmail.com if you need directions on how to get there.

See you there!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

July Meeting Postponed til Jul 8, 2014

July meeting will be held on July 8 due to the observance of Memorial Day/Canada Day.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Club Day 2014

The St. John’s chapter of IPMS Canada held its Club Day on June 7, 2014. 

This is the first Club Day in many years and was well attended by 11 Members.

See all the pictures by following this link.

Steve R, Steve F, Tony, Dave, Gary, John, Tracie, Rodney, Rob, Mike, Joe

It took place over 6 hours at our regular meeting place.

With coffee, donuts, muffins and pizza, we settled into an unhurried banter about all things modelling and more.

We held two seminars on our Club day.

First, Dave presented Figure Painting, and surely made it look so simple that we are all going to rush out to get our Tri-Art Caucasian Flesh and Normandy Rose to try it ourselves. (Looks simple now J ).
Just to summarize, do not paint the faces or body, instead apply many thinned washes, to build up gradually, so the paint does not mask your figure detail. A good dose of dry brushing and darker paint in the shadows will round out any figure.
A challenge has been issued to all present to paint a figure for presentation at our Fall Show in October, for a special prize to the winner of the President’s Choice award.

Second, Steve F. presented scratch building. Steve has been a modeler for many decades and made a living making models at one point. Steve gave us some pointers in vacuforming, with his hand made vacuform tool. John also described his one time vacuform tool made out a soup can. Steve F showed us some samples of his carved and sanded copy pieces and the process to vacuform either parts or canopies. Some tips, don’t use squadron clear plastic, it will not work out, and make sure your plastic card is at least 20 thou, in order to stretch and thin without breaking for misforming. The other big scratch building technique is resin molding of parts. Steve F showed us how vacuforming can create your mold, to fill with your resin to make parts, sometimes multiple parts, easily.

Also on this Club Day we discussed ideas for our Model Show in October suggestions for attracting new members. We have some things to work on and hopefully this year’s show will be bigger and better!

Lastly, with my new camera I acquired from Chris when he upgraded his, we took some shots of various models in a light tent, including some of the competition pieces. One of the theme events was to bring an old model and a new model to compare how our techniques have (hopefully J ) improved over the years. There are also some point and show shots from the room on the day. For the photogs amongst you, the shots in the tent were F22, ISO 100, and 1/1.6 or 1/1.3 shutter for the most part.

Final words, congratulations to Rodney and his model and diorama of a derelict 1956 Ford F150. Brilliant work! I know lot of thought and work went into this, congrats Rodney! Also Kudos to Gary and John on your competition pieces. Each piece was a great work of art. Hard choice, lots of quality there!

Feedback from the day was positive and I think everyone got something out of it, I know I did! Got to get to work on my figure!....

Peoples Choice winner -Rodney's Derelict 1956 Ford F150 

Gary's Honda NSR250

John's 48 scale B25 Mitchell

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Meeting Summary June 3, 2014

Attending on this night: Gary, Mike, Tony, Steve R, Steve F, Tracie and Rodney

Check out the Facebook album of June photos that goes with this post.

So guess who got a new camera? It is actually Chris’ retired Nikon D60 from where he upgraded to his 7100. I built a portable (break down) light tent, and this is an experiment to take photos this way for the meetings, I may not do this every month.

Not all the exposures are quite right and I have not had time to post process, but for what it is worth, there are photos from tonight.

So Steve F brought in a WWI collection. He brought up the point that this is the first time he has brought in more Armor than Aircraft. Currently at 716 models complete.Aircraft include the French Morane Saulnier N, which curiously only saw Squadron service with the British. Also the German Fokker E.III, and the British DeHaviland DH 2. On the tank side, the British Mk 1 Male (cannons), and the Mk V female (machine guns). Also the German A7V – Crew of 18!!!

Gary brought in an older build, a rally Mitsubishi Lancer (looks a lot different from my Wife’s Lancer!)

Tracie and Rodney are always building, and with the Easter theme just behind us, they show off their award winning (Easter) Egg plane completed builds for an ISM Group build.

Rodney also brought in an interesting and fabulous (almost complete) diorama of a 1956 Ford F150 derelict, the Revel 1/25 kit. Using hairspray for the chipping, and garden variety foliage, with some aftermarket grass to complete it, he turned out this awesome piece of work.

I will defer any more comments on this one until I post the Club Day photos.

I am now looking for your thoughts……
What do you think is more preferable?:
Photos in a light tent as we have here from June, or contextual "point and shoot" shots from the table? Or maybe a combo of both?

Thanks for looking..
Til next time,