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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Meeting Summary June 7, 2016

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In attendance tonight: Steve F, Rod, Bert, John, Gary, Rod, Gord, Rodney, Colin, Mike, Joe, Steve F, Dennis.

Good crowd tonight. great connections and catching up. Some good modelling and history chats.

Rob is part of the F-15E Buddy build for the show in Oct. This is his progress. Rod also brought in a completed CH-113 Labrador in RCAF Search and Rescue markings. Rod’s Airbus Beluga is an ambitious build, he has cut open the cargo doors and plans to display it with the cargo area open. Lots of scratching to do!

Colin dropped in again tonight to show us a completed Camaro and in progress Ford work. There were a number of comments on how the paint finishes are improving. Well done!

I brought in this 2010 Challenger (Yes, me and a car) to ask for Colin and Gary’s advice last month on the glass fit. This month I needed advice on when to fit the bumpers, before or after assembly and placement of the interior. Consensus was the interior, Thanks Colin and Gary!
I also brought in the Tamiya Spitfire Mk Vb. The interesting thing about this one is that I used Stynylrex primer from Badger Very thick, and needed and old Badger 350 knockoff from Princess Auto to shoot through it (0.5 or bigger nozzle).

Gord is still working on the weathering of his T55.

John was in town from Carbonear this evening and dropped in, great to see you again John! Nice C-47!

Bert is another stranger who can't make the winter meetings, good to see you again sir! Bert brought in a complete Airfix Hurricane (New molds), from an order he receive last fall. Nice kits and well built!

Chris W has a couple of in progress kits on the go, an ME-109 and Stinson Reliant

Rob picked this Mayflower from a collection sale and has rounded out his references.

Dennis interests range from RC aircraft, model rockets to plastic. All are similar and interrelated hobbies. Nice collection Dennis!

Steve F brought in a few interesting aircraft. An RCAF B-25, and an RAF Hawker Hart.

Mike is working on a 35 scale Panzer III. Mike is focusing on weathering these days. Looks great so far Mike!

See you next month!