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We are a group of people who enjoy the hobby of plastic model building. Our members interests range from Aircraft, Automobiles, Ships, Figures, Armour, to Sci Fi. We have all skill levels from beginners to some pretty talented modellers, but we mainly meet to share our work, ideas, tips and techniques, and talk about modelling in general. Click View Profile to view email address - drop us a line!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Meeting Summary Feb 4, 2014

Three new faces tonight, a big welcome to Tracey, Rodney and Brad, along with stalwarts Steve R, Steve F and Chris.

Tonight we have a couple of progress pieces to see..

Chris is in the middle of his build of an Achzarit. It is an Israeli  Heavy Personnel Carrier based on the Russian T-55 chassis. It has been produced in Israel since 1988. Can’t wait to see it painted and weathered!

Steve F can always be depended on to bring something interesting and this meeting was no different. In addition to his collection of Russian WWII soft skin vehicles, he brought in his Spitfire Mk IX. This is an example of the Spit used by Flt. Lt. Dick Audet, the Canadian “ace in a day” - referring to his shooting down of 5 enemy aircraft on Dec 29, 1944. He flew with 411 Sqn RCAF. He was later killed in a raid on a locomotive that blew up as he passed over it at low level. The markings are of the aircraft he used to get his 5 kills (he added another 6 before being KIA), which he shared with Flt Lt JJ Boyle, who had 6 kills.

I picked up a LAV III Conversion for AFV Stryker, and an AFV Stryker, from fellow modeller who was thinning his stash. Lots of parts, lots of photo etch, lots of resin. Hopefully this will all turn into 35 scale LAV III from the Canadian effort in Afghanistan late 2007/early 2008.

Newcomer Brad proudly displayed his Caterpillar Engine for his 1/16 Kenworth W900 build. Looking forward to seeing the progress of that monster….

Next meeting - Mar 4, 2014…

See you there!

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