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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Meeting Summary May 6 2014

Very tardy on this one, sorry, had a few things on the go, work, trips, work trips, flu.…..

Attending on this night: Gary, Mike, Tony, Steve R, Steve F, Meg, Keith, Chris

Check out the Facebook album of May photos that goes with this post. I have posted a few photos at the bottom.


A nice crowd in tonight - mostly regulars. Nice to see Keith again week. Meg hasn’t been around for a while, so it was nice to see her again. Keep Building Meg!

Just going to give a few highlites for this one, June and Club day to come shortly.

Gary has almost finished his Honda NSR250

Chris is scratch building an MT-LB 6M1B3, a lot of work in that one!

Steve F with is usually assortment of theme kits, this month WWII Pacific with American carrier fighter the F6 Hellcat, the Airfix kit, bit it looks exactly like my matchbox kit from 1976. Along with two Japanese fighters.

I think it was Tony who had the Fairey Firefly in the RCN service.

Keith has a slew of WWII armor on the go in progress: German Tiger 1, SdKfz 251 halftrack with Rockets, Russian truck with Rokets, and the large M26 Dragon wagon tank transported.

Last is a shot of my Bronco Staghound that I picked up in Toronto at Wheels and Wings. I am on a Canadian kick at the moment, with a Sherman Firefly VC, Staghound, 15 CWT truck with 25 Pdr, all planned or started.

Thanks for looking..

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