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Thursday, 15 January 2015

IPMS St. John's Group Build!!!!!!

Hey Folks!
We want to kick off the new year with a fun group Build! 
We are going to do an Egg Plane Build for Easter as a fun way to get a quick kit completed and let be honest, these kit are pretty cool! The build is open to anyone and the rules are simple:

#1  Show up at the April Meeting with you new un-started kit. (if you cannot make this meeting we will accept photos on the Facebook page showing the kit, un started, must show pic of sprues still attached)
#2  The build will be for one month! (these kits are quite simple and can be completed very quickly)
#3  MUST bring in your completed kit to the May Meeting for Judging! (Must be in attendance for judging and prize presentation)

Egg Planes can be ordered Online on Ebay for anywhere from $15-$20. The Brand is Hasegawa. Be sure to get in and order soon as most will come from Hong Kong or Japan and will need a few weeks for shipping!  I recommend Captain Hobby!  I have order a bunch of Egg Planes from him and have always had good luck!  Also he has a few up that you can make an offer on!  Here is the link to his store!

http://stores.ebay.ca/captain-hobby?_rdc=1      do a search for “egg”. I have ordered the F-4 Phantegg for myself….
I know of 5 people who have already ordered…

And finally, I will be making a post about the Build on Facebook so once you have decided which plane you will be doing feel free to comment on the post on Facebook so people know what others will be building. And feel free to post photos of your progress on the Page throughout the month as well!

There will be 2 prizes up for grabs, a first place prize as well as a runner up! (don't forget you have to be at the May Meeting to qualify)
Judging will be done by some Club Members who are not taking part in the Build!  Prizes will be announced soon!

Looking forward to getting our first Group Build started and I hope that some of you will join us in this quick & Fun Build!

Get ready, Get Set……………

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