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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Meeting Summary June 2, 2015

In attendance tonight:
Steve F, Steve R, Mark, Rob, Dennis, Tracie, Rodney, Joe, Randy, Tony, Gary


We had 5 contestants. Steve F won with his Golden Hawk Saber.
Beautiful job Steve.

Good job by all, well done!

Also Dennis brought in his RC Zero, which is a bigger cousin of Rodney’s 0.
Rodney has 30 R/C Aircraft. Only 27 more months to show them all off!

Finally, Steve did a demo on casting using easy to find materials.
Plastic stock card for mold case, Black Silicon cast from Canadian Tire, and two-part resin from Dollar Store. The resin dries clear, so Steve uses Plaster of Paris mixed in for color. Quick and easy!

Fun time had by all.
See you next week folks!

Keep an eye for some special news coming before next meeting!

And Keep Building!!!!!!!!!!!!

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