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We are a group of people who enjoy the hobby of plastic model building. Our members interests range from Aircraft, Automobiles, Ships, Figures, Armour, to Sci Fi. We have all skill levels from beginners to some pretty talented modellers, but we mainly meet to share our work, ideas, tips and techniques, and talk about modelling in general. Click View Profile to view email address - drop us a line!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


After talking to most members last night at the meeting, the idea of a blog website was very well received.
A couple of points..
We will use this space to:
- Be a landing pad to promote the club
- Inform members of relevant information
- Post recaps of meeting nights for the information of those who could not attend       (with photos of work)
- Post Build Blogs of member projects
- Anything else we think would be of good use
 For personal privacy, we will only refer to first names on the blog, and in the event of multiple first names, go with last initial.
With respect to photos of work, permission from the modeler will be solicited before posting any pictures.
If you want to post a piece on the blog (Blog build, tips/techniques, or anything you think would be valuable to share), for now, just send it to me and I will post under your name. We can look at other methods of getting your content on the blog as time goes forward.
The email address ipmssj@gmail.com has been established for communication to the club. It is posted in the profile information at the left, for anyone that wants to make Club inquiries. We all have our own personal emails and can talk to each other that way. I will give access to the club email to all executive so that we can all monitor.
If you want to leave a comment that you want associated with a particular blog post, press the word “comment” below the post. It is the hyperlink. Be aware that you will have to create a GMAIL account first in order to post. That will be used as your credentials. The “comment” button is actually the number of comments for a post i.e. “No Comments:”,” 1 Comment:”, etc…  If you want to read comments, same thing – press the “Comment” link.
If you want to be notified every time there is a post to the blog, go to the “Follow by Email” section at the bottom left, put in your email and press Submit. It will ask you to verify, and send you an email to to ask you to activate the subscription to the Blog.
Just a word about the photo in the background.. It is a Zero completed by member Tim Frampton, who tragically passed away a number of years ago. I thought it might be a good way to keep his memory going, and appreciate his friendship, efforts and contributions to the club.
Thoughts about the Blog, content or its use are always welcome. This is our little corner of the Internet, all of ours to shape.

IPMSSJ Club President

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